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Whole process service for your products


Service Summary

According to specifications provided by the book, strictly in accordance with the development process,
Provide project development plans, test plans, parts identification, sample test found, reliability testing,
Pre-production, tooling manufacturing, mold manufacturing,


Six core service

1.Design Services: Wireless design and functionality of the overall program design services.
2.Wireless performance design services: to provide a complete RF performance design services, including Wireless-related hardware, software design and  wireless performance debugging services .
3.Software design services: software design and test software design services
4.Mechanical Design Services: ID design , ME structural design and tooling mold
5.Testing Services: providing a mass production testing and reliability testing services, and Assist certification services.
6.Manufacturing Services: Provides product mass production services .
7.Platform support service : provide platform build up ,Achieve intelligent products.


Process Introduction

1.Customer needs analysis: customer demand performs block analysis, to assess the feasibility .
2.The development and evaluation of programs: development of programs and confirmed the feasibility.
3.Hardware and ID design, optimized hardware design and Beautiful ID design .
4. Software design: software designed to meet customer needs .
5.Product approve and tooling mold: After confirming that all aspects of the product structure model, amount to be produced 
6.Certification and production: According to the demand for authentication,then mass production 



Dusun Product solutions


1、Intelligent remote control solutions

  According to customer usage scenarios, choose a different communications solutions, the optimal design of the structure, so that the best performance, highest cost 

2、Smart home solution 

According to customer needs, design a variety of intelligent devices and gateway, cloud platform for data processing, so that the whole program to meet customer requirements 

3、Electrical motor products solutions

Depending on the scene and selects the optimal circuit design, with best cost,best performance to customer, rapid formation of program design, complete the customer's needs. 

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