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The enlightenment of the frozen water meter

These days, many family have faced the embarrassing situation of no water for life. Some barber shops even closed for several days .The reason is that the super- powerful cold spell  has freezing the water pipes and water meters.The damaged water pipes and meters due to the low temperature and peoples’ negligence of cold spell.However, there are still some unknown elements of the damaged water pipes: which part and when will the water pipe been frozen. So it is hard to prevent it. In a word, the pipes are not intelligent enough.

Dusun’s intellectual technology can automatically closed the water meters,when encounter the gas or water leak problems.
Dusun’s this intellectual technology can be used to prevent the pipe be damaged by low temperature.Morever, Dusun will refresh the business model someday.Business is not only build on the high quality of products, but the power of mastering the intelligent technology. 
Obviously, Dusun plays an important role in Deqing economy.
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