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Automatic switch off when leakage , book the park place before you out, speak to remote for changing

 Deqing Dusun Electronics Co., Ltd.  which located in  Development Zone is making the high-tech life into reality by improve the smart home system.
"After the accumulated research and development , intelligent home systems achieve the leapfrog development  last year ."
Company vice president Wu Feng Wei said, the smart home system which include servers,gateway and sensors already set .
 "the triple play smart home gateway" which was already e officially put on the market,also its size is similar with  an ordinary card’s size ,
This product’s overall design concept  has been recognized  as  international advanced level,the  the  technology level lead in domestic.
The new sensors products researched by Dusun is also impressive
Zig bee Magnetic sensor chip has the character like  low power consumption, high sensitivity receiver , high compatibility, and reliability. With its cooperation with Gateways, the house,and the safe become safer.
Not only the user-friendly for remote control,  but also it may be the first alert in case there was a thief. The intelligent infrared body detector is  particularly suitable for elderly people which living alone or in nursing homes, if the elderly daily living habits  changed, preventive measures can be taken immediately  after receiving from end of service personnel which transmitted by the sensor by.
Humidity, gas sensors monitor for the situation like water and gas leakage , with the intelligent control of the robotic arm,at same time the alert can immediately shut the gas valve or water valves to prevent the situation become more serious.
Although these accessories make smart home becomes a necessity, but to make "master" control properly connected to your various products and scenes, we still miss a key "connection station", which is the server. Last year, the server "Dusun cloud" is formally built completely, There are a variety of sensors in "Dusun cloud" to match the APP, installing to the phone, PAD, the computer, then the "owner" can easily start remote control.
Except the smart home, Dusun Electronics also developed a smart parking system successfully last year , with this system, users can  appointment with parking spaces in advance at home, and then navigate to the parking place, we can find the car  easily by mobile phones. 
The system also can "activate" the residential parking spaces, the cell  also can be  rented when it is available, the rent fee is  according to the parking time, parking spaces owner will acquire additional income.
The system has been into the testing phase. Of course,Dusun started the business from the remote control and control panel production,we will not give up our "major work"  , we can see , the TV remote control in the company exhibition hall which cooperate producing with other famous brand corporation is getting smarter .
The Lenovo 0480 can not only control the TV interface like a mouse, but also realize voice control. The latest development of the Lenovo 0480 remote control only have three buttons, voice button can "call out" directly to see the  channels ,shows or  movies,changing tune or volume can also be realized by waving arms.
Review last year's  R & D results , a raindrop-shaped white gadgets can need to be mentioned, this accessory is considered as universal, all things which are remotely controlled can accomplish  intelligent control on the phone by using it.
TV set-top boxes labeled it, not only can be easily selected on the phone station, also can provide a user-friendly list of programs based on the user viewing habits; air-conditioning  remote control receiver with it , controlling the phone is easier. With the temperature sensor using, the temperature setting will be more scientific .
Wu Feng Wei said, from the smart remote control, intelligent home systems to intelligent parking system, the development situation of domestic market has shown status of "flourishing"  . But Dusun still feel confident to jump out from competitors since the  combination of hardware and high product quality make Dusun has the advantage.
Reliable quality  verification process,world-class partners build a solid foundation for the high quality productsThat is why  SOMFY(France's largest manufacturer of professional home automation system), Lenovo, Sharp, TCL and other famous brand corporation “offer an olive branch “to Dusun..
Last year, significant downward pressure on the domestic economy,  the situation of Dusun domestic sales also have  been significant changes which drop from 70%  to 50% ,but the percentage of exports increased.
Wu Feng Wei said ,however,although the output value declined , but with producing more and more high value-added products on the intelligence, instead the  Dusun electronic profits rose.
It is also further strengthened the determination of  rely on networking to build smart home system .Now  there are a lot of  new products in under R & D, these new products deserve our expectation.
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