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Intelligent Access Control System

Intelligent Access Control System
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Solution summary

Changing,start from walking into the door 

Access control systems is related to property safety for companies and employees, employee's wage settlement and companies’ interests. Intelligent attendance management Intelligent attendance management can be considered as a simple implementation of the enterprise management level
Intelligent Access Control System is consisted by the host, readers and electric locks (plus a computer and a communications converter when in network). Reader mode is a non-contact card reader mode. The cardholder only need to put the card near the card reader, the reader can sense whether there is card or not and read card information (card number) and sent to the host; the host will check the legality of the card, and then decide whether to open the door. The whole access management process is within the effective range of the card. The reader is installed inside or outside the door, without affecting the work of door. Proximity card is read-only properties, not easy to copy, safe and reliable, long life (non-contact card’s mechanical wear is reduced to zero). Through the communication adapter (RS485) with the computer monitor in real time (the computer send commands to open / close all doors, and view real-time status of all doors), data processing, query, report output, etc. Host system can be 2 / 3G, use WIFI and other ways to connect to the cloud database, enables dynamic condition monitoring of the entry of personnel.
Using objects and scenes
The system can be used in factories, schools, medical and other enterprises, the main feature is the guardian can check out the status of access remotely , and the access action can be monitored.
1.Notification to student and the parents of after school.
2.Employees punch, can be used simultaneously with camera monitor pinch card
3.District staff entrance monitoring
4.Attendance record of personnel training institutions
5.Large factory staff attendance distributed management

Meaning and value
System effective solves the wiring installation problem in the factory attendance system,  the using WIFI and 2g / 3G communications can provide a flexible solution for enterprise, especially for place where do not have the INTERNET network cabling conditions, reduced company investment, enables the team management with a scientific approach. The system can be linked to camera and rolling mill, reducing fraud and violations of discipline behavior of attendance, support cloud connections, can notify the guardian.
Function description

Smart, convenient, safe and efficient

Function introduction
Smart attendance system is mainly consisted by the wireless card reader, NFC cards, IOT SIM cards and the cloud database. Smart card reader is mainly responsible for receiving and transmission the card data, connects with   WIFI,2/3G network, Signal access/output of ancillary equipment.  OT SIM cards: do not support conversation, but support data transmission, Special card for Internet of things, mainly used to connect the network, the data upload.
Cloud database: Mainly responsible for data storage, data processing

The greatest feature of the solution is that it does not require network cabling, support a variety of NFC cards, enable analyzing the background data, can access the third party applications, such as attendance notify of schedule children, working place and payment system. 

System composition
The main part of the system is DUSUN cloud and intelligent card reader, the user can add flexible collocation peripherals according to the actual needs, and at the same time, according to the interface we provide, add flexible access to a variety of software.
System advantage

Advantage:Wireless communication、Multi port reservation、Cloud data processing、Support personalized development

1、Wireless communication, two access methods, free switching
2、 Allows multi device access, multi port reservation
3、Cloud data processing
4、Support personalized development 



Users go to the official website: HTTP//WWW.TVLINKER.COM: to download APP and use the instructions, watch the video or check the installation instructions;
1、Put on the card ready and connect all the peripherals
2、set card types and permissions at background
3、Access to the use of software
4、User card registration and authorization update
5、Data aggregation analysis
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