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Smart Home solution

Solution summary

The home life become more intelligent

Smart Home solutions is the use of advanced computer technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology, medical electronics technology in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, integration of the individual needs of each subsystem and associated home life, such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information appliances, scene linkage, floor heating, health care, remote unlocking, health and epidemic prevention, etc. ,organically together, realize control and management through a network of integrated intelligent and "people-oriented" as a new experience of home life.

 Solution Introduction

Solution brief introduction

DUSUN smart home solution is a home system, combined with "sensor + intelligent gateway + DUSUN cloud+ algorithm ",  used mainly for home-security, and also support everyday common abnormality alarm processing. Users can simply view house doors basic situation on the APP , can remotely lock/unlock door with mobile phone, if a leak of water/gas or fire occurs at home, the system can make emergency treatment or notify the user. The entire system is easy to install, easy to use, with pleasing appearance.

Use objects and scenes

This solution is mainly for home users, but also suitable for office space;
Common scenario:
1.illegal invasion while no one at home.
2.Not sure if door/window is closed or not, has to return to home to check again.
3.Brust of pipe or forget to turn off the faucet, get flood in house.
4.Know when and whether the child arrived at home while at working
5.Forget the key at home, has to call police or wait for other family members
6.A friend come to visit your house but you have not arrived at home, will you let him/her wait at outside the door? No, a single temporary password of smart lock can help.
7.Elderly people living alone is not safe, may have accident easily, smart home solution help to detect living activities of elderly people.
You only need a set of smart home system.


 Meaning and value

The use of smart home system can improve the efficiency of life, reduce common disaster loss of theft, water, fire, gas, it is possible to monitor some conventional habits of the elderly and children, which can prevent some accidents. The smart home system enables people feel the quality enhance of life in everyday life brought by technology, a simple warning to avoid an unexpected loss, a simple reminder to pass Endless Love


Function description

safe, healthy, convenient, comfortable, energy-efficient, pleasant


Dusun smart home solution development concept: Allowing you to enjoy "safe, healthy, convenient, comfortable, energy-efficient, pleasant" high quality of life, quickly have simplistic intelligent life and happiness ! Product is simple and practical, easy to install, easy to operate, not only with remind function at the critical point, but also help you to inform you respond quickly at the same time, realize the Daily Management combined with home often forgotten scenes and a significant impact on occasionally accidents. Functions include: Door status monitoring and liquid monitoring, human infrared detectors, temperature and humidity monitoring, smart locks, remote lock, remote cameras.

Program Features

1.Flexibility match: enables users flexibility match with all system sensors, only a smart center (Gateway) and a sensor can form a minimal system, the user can customize with a flexible choices
2.A variety of ways to remind: the user can select from three alarm notification under both modes, the user can set the at home mode and away from home mode, there are three ways each alarm mode: A, message notification. B, telephone notification. C, DND. But no matter in what state, if there is a leak of water or gas, the system will turn on emergency measures to close the valve or gas pipe.
3.Product easy to install: intelligent home security products with very convenient installation ,according to instructions users only need to use 3M adhesive product and attached  it in the proper position on it, no additional wiring, replacement of scenarios and deployment region easier and simpler
4.Small appearance, long standby time, let you enjoy the convenience.
5.Specific application scenarios, such as a door sensor PIR rooms can be set to "monitor mode", the system will introduce a special algorithm for this group of sensors to record the behavior of the ward, the guardian and to learn the habit of monitoring data to for analysis, and then analyze abnormal


System advantage
DUSUN Smart Home program is simple to install, flexible product mix, ensure the safety of home from the moment you leave home, system will complete the most tangled things, open the phone, check at a glance....



Compare DUSUN Competition Key Problem  Result
Appearance Three colors, white, ebony, mahogany Single color Decoration style not match DUSUN win
Standby Time Ultra-low power ZIGBEE technology, use 2030 button batteries, can stand for 2 years normal use Use WIFI, BT, 433 technology, big power consumption Often replace the battery, charging is not convenient DUSUN win
Gateway Technology Ultra-low power ZIGBEE technology, use 2030 button batteries, can stand for 2 years normal use Supports single technique Users to add other protocols need to re-purchase Gateway products, increase the use of cost DUSUN win
Networking Support WIFI + WLAN WIFI or WLAN only User Selectivity not enough DUSUN win
Signal Distance ZIGBEE 600M,BLE 30M ZIGBEE 400M,BLE 15M Signal is not good, the impact of the experience DUSUN win
Product Integration Dusun began from the door Single product Less choice for user Draw or win



Users go to the official website: HTTP//WWW.TVLINKER.COM: to download APP and use the instructions, watch the video or check the installation instructions;
1.ensor installation instructions and requirements Lock Instructions
3.Camera Instruction Manual
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