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Elderly chronic disease management system

Elderly chronic disease management system
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Solution summary

Are you still worry for the health management information it?

Elderly chronic disease management system is a modern health management platform of Big Data era, "Terminal + data + service" trinity system. Intelligent terminals, data cloud platform, service network is the basic feature. The platform remote collection of patient information through intelligent terminal equipment, uploaded the data to the cloud platform, realize remote diagnostic analysis, and provides corresponding advice. 


Solution introduction

Programme Description
Mainly through the intelligent terminal equipment, collect related chronic diseases data  of the elderly, based on healthy cloud data to build a government guidance, social institutions actively involved health care ecosystem, so as to meet both social groups for health care concern and stimulate the active participation of community health, enterprises, institutions, social service agencies. 
Use objects and scenes
This program is mainly used for the elderly with chronic diseases;

Common scene: 
1.Chronic illness alone at home, other family member worry about chronic diseases caused other conditions, not at ease
2.In the morning, check related data, prevent chronic disease silently eaten up the life
3.Chronic illness elderly forget to take medicine will bring danger
4.Is the chronic drug efficacy? good data do not support
5.Children out of home, worried about old man, but can not check real-time situation
Elderly chronic disease management platform for your grief!
Meaning and value
Elderly chronic disease management platform serve and manage the elderly chronic disease, reduce the chance of life taken away . Let alone the elderly also enjoy the warmth. Promote social harmony to achieve a sense of security of the Chinese Dream.

Function description

Functional Description

There are 10 features:
1.Member Management
"Cloud + remote monitoring data analysis," the 1 + N members of management
2.Health records
Symptoms users to add information, upload hospital inspection reports, medical advice and comments
3.Health Assessment Report
Health Reports can be automatically generated by week / month / year, support for online browsing, paper printing 
4.Customized services purchase, task tracking
Embodiment Mode: "Cloud + remote monitoring data analysis," the 1 + N service mode 
5.Specialist training
Features include training column settings, examination / simulation test / exam information, learning report upload, industry consulting, etc.
6.Circle of medical care service
Users and health commissioner can establish a communication circle between the Commissioner, users and family members, make the real time communication between the circle, to control the user's health all directionally. 
7.Medication reminders, detection reminders
Remote or local settings medication reminders and blood glucose, blood pressure monitoring
8.Medication guidance, efficacy evaluation
According to the specific health status of users, give personalized medication plan, and the effect of the drug regimen was evaluated.
9.Diet, exercise personalized intervention program
10.Data analysis

Program features

1.Flexible collocation: users can flexible collocation all systems of medical wearable products , an intelligent center (Gateway) and a wearable device can be composed of a minimum system, users can customize the flexible collocation, suitable for all kinds of chronic disease detection
2. Remote health information view: users can remotely view their parents' health status, can also supervise the parents to take medicine
3.The product is easy to use, automatic analysis of the data after uploaded to  platform
4.Automatically generate health reports, no longer need to go to the hospital for health report
5.According to the system data,user can make the corresponding motion plan.

System composition

The elderly chronic disease system is composed of the application software APP and the hardware system.
1.Users can download APP on the, finish installation and registration in accordance with the instructions 
2.Smart home system consists of a gateway and 2 sensors and 4 healthy wearable devices.

System advantage
Health management platform for the elderly is flexible, equipped with a variety of chronic disease detection equipment, and with a dedicated medical team to serve the elderly, more professional services.


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Product appearance Three colors, white, ebony, mahogany Single color Decoration style not match DUSUN win
Standby time Ultra-low power ZIGBEE technology, use 2030 button batteries, can stand for 2 years normal use Use WIFI, BT, 433 technology, big power consumption Often replace the battery, charging is not convenient DUSUN win
Gateway Technology 3 in 1 gateway support ZIGBEE, WIFI, BLE three techniques Supports single technique Users to add other protocols need to re-purchase DUSUN win
Networking mode Support WIFI + WLAN WIFI or WLAN only User Selectivity not enough DUSUN win
Signal distance ZIGBEE 600M,BLE 30M ZIGBEE 400M,BLE 15M Signal is not good, the impact of the experience DUSUN win
Product integration degree Coverage of various chronic diseases Some products are relatively simple User Selectivity not enough Draw or win
Professional service Equipped with professional medical team Only devices, no back-end services For chronic disease, back service is the most important DUSUN win
Promotion platform Promote at the major cities pharmacy User oriented promotion If there is no partner, operation and maintenance difficulties DUSUN win


Use method

Pls download APP on the, finish installation and registration in accordance with the instructions
1.Description and requirements for the use of sensors and health wearable devices.
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