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Smart Tourism System

Smart Tourism System
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Solution summary

Enjoy the happy travel together, travel around the world

Smart Tour guide system is used to solve problems, to bring intelligent guide visitors into the area or museum, they can easily understand the area, targeting tourists and geographical location, so that visitors do not get lost.

Program introduction

Set beacon device on the interesting sights, visitors wearing a receiver (intelligent guide), when visitors arrive attractions is the intelligent guide received beacon signal, intelligent guide Auto Play Attractions introduction. And real-time return the guider’s position, not let the accidents happen.

 USER and Scene 
This set of programs using the main object for the travel company or famous tourist attractions;
normal scene: 
1.Tourist not kept place,missed to explain ;
2.Tourist  will be self-serving, each rhythm is not the same,make the tour guide headache
3.Tourists without discipline, indiscriminate walking, wandered off, especially in the field
4.For self-help tourists, but also for get the position of the next Attractions
Smart Tourism platform help you out of these troubles ! 

Meaning and value 
A full-service travel company, just look at your phone will be able to guide tourists to know the position,without having to worry about accidents. Without more professional tour guide, smart guides get everything wisdom. Resorts is not worried about the safety of tourists, tour guides wisdom tracking.


Function description


function introduction 


Smart tourist platform, main functions : 

1. Attractions explain 
When visitors arrive attractions, automatically explain the content of interest 
2.Visitors location 
Real-time position location information of visitors to avoid accidents
3. Scenic intelligent navigation 
Visitors can listen to the smart guide explain ,then move to the next landscape  
4.Smart earphone 
 Can be as smart Bluetooth headset connected to the phone, answer the phone, and listen to music, without having to switch.


Function features
1.Advanced technology: BLE based on the latest technology, leading the industry.
2.Rapid implementation: component-based solutions, software and hardware combined with wireless, no wiring, rapid deployment.
3.Better user Experience: Tourists enjoy one by one personalized service, enhance the scenic image.
4.Low energy consumption: one battery can sustainable 1 year, in line with "green energy" concept.
5.Configuration 6 country voice, easy be used by  overseas visitors.


System conclusion 
Smart tourism system by the application software and hardware system APP;
1.User can download the APP on and installed by self ,and register according to user manual .
2.Smart tourism system include dusun Beacon and explain speaker .
System advantage
Innovative business model, one-time equipment investment, low cost, later can change to   leasing mode, it can increase revenue source for the company's operations and tourist attractions .


Compare DUSUN Competition Key problem  Result
Out look Fashion  Design too old Tourist dont like to wear DUSUNwin
Standby time Low energy consumption High consumption Change battery rapidly,charging not convient DUSUNwin
Support 6 country language Only support Chinese Usage range too small, oversea tourist not able to use DUSUN win


Use method

Pls link to HTTP://WWW.TVLINKER.COM for APP download and watch the installation user manual .
1.Receiver and Beacon user manual and requirement ;
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