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Smart remote control solution

Smart remote control solution
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Solution summary

Smart remote free control

Intelligent remote control program is the use of BLE, 2.4G, RF4CE, Wifi and other wireless protocols to achieve the television or set-top box control, and the integration of new features voice, air mouse, touch, etc., to enhance the user's comfort, modernize comfortable life experience.

Program introduction

Program Description

DUSUN intelligent remote control based on the core of wireless communications solutions , according to customer demand for increased voice, air mouse, touch, and other functions, suitable for home television sets and set-top boxes supporting remote control applications. DUSUN remote control program is also at the forefront of the industry, thus DUSUN intelligent remote control alike by the industry's major TV manufacturers .

User and Scene

The program is mainly for smart TV and Smart set top box remote control .

normal scene :
1. Have to toward the remote to TV or Set top box for controlling 
2.Watching TV on bed in winter ,don’t want to reach out for changing channels 
3.Want to search for channels in dark ,but not able to see clearly the buttons on remote control
4.Getting bored of changing batteries frequently 
5.Want to sing KTV at home 
You , just need a smart remote control.

Meaning and Value

Intelligent remote control can be used to improve the quality of life, allowing users to enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience. Intelligent remote control while also make people feel technology can bring to enhance quality of life in their daily lives.

Function description


Function introduction 

Dusun smart remote control keep in mind of “give the user more comfortable and simple operation” as developing concept , product simple and useful ,easy operation , included functions: air mouse, voice control ,touch and so on . 


Function features
1.Ultra low energy : standby consumption is calculated by uA , keep the long battery life 
2.Long operation distance: more than 15m working distance, fit all of the user scene,and compare to normal remote control ,smart remote control have the advantage like ,no direction limited, means no need to toward the remote to TV , 360 degree operate your remote. 
3.Multi-new functions:  voice control ,make the searching more easy ; motion sensor ,air
Mouse function make the user and device interactive more easy 
4.Nice out look : suitable for modern aesthetics .


System conclusion
Smart remote control included wireless section, power supply section ,voice and so on sections .
System advantage
Smart remote control included wireless section, power supply section ,voice and so on sections .


Compare DUSUN Competition Key problem  Result
Out look Nice out look, comfortable hand feeling  Public mold Outlook old fashion DUSUN Win
Standby time Ultra low energy wireless solution, long battery life High consumption Change batteries frequently DUSUN Win
Working Distance Up 15m 10m Poor signal ,poor user experience DUSUN Win
Function Complete solution ,more reliable quality  Not stable quality  
User experience is bad



Insert batteries ,read user manual for operation.

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