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Customized service platform


Dusun IOT

Zhejiang Dusun Smart Connect Ltd. is leader of the IOT overall solution for “Embedded Design (sensor) + Wireless Internet + Cloud service”.
The company is committed to service SMEs for product intelligence, IOT upgrade and plant equipment Information upgrade, Provide an open platform for cloud services, Device Quick Access,Analysis of data storage, help to enhance SMEs products and business models and upgrade to intelligent factory.


Five Core Service

Embedded development services
Provides embedded hardware and software solutions to facilitate enterprise quickly build verification prototype , verify the feasibility of hardware products.

Wireless networking services
Multiple wireless protocol solutions for a variety of work environments, whether it is family, food or industrial environment, there are suitable wireless solutions, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZIGBEE, 2G, 3G, LTE, 433M and other communication protocols

Open cloud storage service
Equipment fast access,  to support ten million of devices concurrent access and P-class data storage, multiple layers of security for equipment, networks, cloud, data. etc.

Big Data Analysis Services
Customized for the user and device behavior analysis, including analysis of a variety of common indicators, support the rapid customization analysis, the accessed enterprise can quickly understand data  analysis,so as to improve product features, the implementation of marketing strategies, value-added service operators

APP SDK Development Services  
Standard API interface, a variety of open source APP, easier and faster for customized APP development companies .

Platform Introduction

Dusun Smart Union cut-in mode ---Overall smart solution provider(Embedded, wireless, cloud platform)

Intelligent hardware integration solutions
Build Intelligent hardware Big Data Services Platform,including Embedded design, wireless connectivity cloud, APP design, data storage

IOT industry application solutions
create integrated solutions from embedded + sensor design to data transmission, collection, data storage, big data analysis


Dusun Smart Union complete IOT solution

1、Embedded Solutions
Customer make demands, design with Dusun existing embedded platform, which is the best cost way to quickly verify the formation of products, thus saving the customer time

2、Wireless Connectivity Solutions
According to customer usage scenarios, using different communication programs to make the optimal performance, most stable product

3、Dusun cloud platform
Quick access to the cloud and provides existing APP templates for quick commercialization, also provide big data analysis services


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