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SuperB solution

SuperB solution
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Solution summary

SuperB is a overall solution for Smart TV + DVB content

SuperB is a overall solution for Smart TV + DVB content .
It enable user to control TV/DVB with only one remote control, provider smart and coinvent entertainment life to end user.

Solution introduction


At present, the smart TV industry pain points is Under traditional mode, when a smart tv user switch to watch DVB contect,
the TV can not action in this mode smartly, the user may not be able to use voice control service or interactive advertising, that makes loss of users.


SuperB solution: One-for-all solution

With Super RC, no need to switch between TV/DVB, no need other remote control,
the users can watch TV/DVB content while using Smart TV interactive fucntion.
Examples based on DVB content operation:
1. Enhance the operational value of the live-broadcast Content;
2. Live related to on-demand, guide the consumption of on-demand content;
3. Carousel into the broadcast, increase the content of the show carousel;
4. Program diversion / program marketing based on recommendation system;
5.Depth interaction of some popular programs;
6.Continue to see after advertising.
7.Expand the operation of television advertising with the help of advertising supervision .

Use objects and scenes

he main use of the solution is for the smart TV and set top box remote control.
Common scene:
1.Need to hold the IR remote control and point to TV/STB to control
2.Watching TV on bed in Winter, do not want to get out to change the program
3.Watching TV at night without light, want to change program but can not see the remote control key print clearly.
4.Frequently changing of batteries makes a lot of trouble.
5.Want to sing at home as in KTV
6.Too much remote controls at home, can not match with each devices.
To solve these problem, you only need a Super RC.

Meaning and value

The use of SuperB solution can improve the quality of life, allow users to enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience.
It also enable people to feel the quality of life in their daily lives to enhance by the technology development.

Function description


Bidirectional interaction, simplified process

The remote control need to support Bluetooth or RF and must support IR; RC will communicate with TV via Bluetooth or RF,
and control DVB with IR; use EPG and local channel list to realize DVB program matching with TV program choice.
1. Upload a "OK" command via Bluetooth to select a program / Channel.
2. Pass a channel number command via Bluetooth.
3. Pass a channel number command via IR.
4. Output program signal of a certain channel.


Use Super RC to watch live-broadcasting and videos

Control the STB with Super RC, Integrate DVB content perfectly into Smart TV’s platform, enable more choices for end user.

Choose problem by content, improve user experience

Users find the content more convenient, accurate channel and program.


Live-boradcast related to on-demand with SuperB

No need to changed TV mode, the user can switch from Live-boradcast to on-demand video.

Integration of broadcast and carousel with SuperB

Integrate resources of live-broadcasting, IPTV and TV maker, enable to see program content only: Sports, variety, TV series etc.

Program features

1.Ultra low power consumption: uA level static power consumption, long battery life
2.The use of distance>15m meet the vast majority of usage scenarios. Compared with the traditional infrared remote control,
the smart remote controller has better direction, without aligning the TV, all directions can be used very well
3.A variety of novel functions: a powerful voice function, search program is more convenient; motion, air mouse function to enhance human-computer interaction
4.Beautiful appearance: more suitable for the aesthetic concept of modern people

System advantage
Powerful BSP integration capabilities, rapid development to meet the TV receiver, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, fast support for super RC.


SuperB solution is combination released by the Kookong and Dusun.  
Kookong is the most professional Chinese EPG data service provider;the most professional Chinese IR data service provider.
Dusun is the most professional Chinese intelligent remote control solution provider;
Intelligent wireless module provider.

A variety of interface interaction - more simple control

Airmouse control:  control the TV program by easy moving of RC, let human-computer interaction be more simple, more efficient, do not miss a minute.
Voice control service: control the switch of program by speak to the Super RC, more simple control.
Touch: more quickly switching of the main interface and finding applications, more convenient operation.

Multiple Protocol Communication - Easier to adapt to any TV

Multiple protocols to undertake a variety of customer needs, fast compatibility with the current customer's existing models.

Powerful BSP integration capabilities

Powerful BSP integration capabilities, rapid development to meet the TV receiver, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, fast support for super RC.

SuperB, Strong technical and data support

One key smart matching, relying on the logo identification technology and related algorithms, but also rely on strong data support,
mainly in each city operators and their  channel list and infrared code library, and this Is where we have accumulated over the years.

Real-time program broadcast system to ensure that more than 99% of the mainstream channel accuracy

At present, we monitor the scope of all CCTV channels, SAT channels and CHC channel , reach more than 99% accuracy,
so as to ensure that the status for the progress of the program and each time of the program change is very accurate





Put in batteries and follow the user instructions, simple operation.

Fast setting

Simple setting, greatly reducing the user threshold.

When the system is initialized, the system automatically locates the area. Users only need to point the remote control to the set-top box while watching TV.
The system can automatically match the infrared code and channel list without human intervention. 
Cooperation partner

Smart TV SuperB applications

LETV, Youku has already applied SuperB to their smart TV broadcast program,
SKYWORTH, Hisense, Konka is being implemented, do not wait anymore, buy now and start the new TV watching experience.
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