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Smart hotel management program

Smart hotel management program
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Solution summary

Locking where you want,locking where you worry

Hotel intelligent management program is the use of hardware with intelligent platform management, hotel or rental house, as well as facilitate the intelligent management of energy management, the program mainly help traditional hotel and short rent house to upgrade to wisdom and intelligent management.

Program introduction

Programme Description

The program is based smart lock, smart curtains, intelligent lighting and other intelligent hardware, relying on the background of the management platform, work out hotels (rental) intelligent check in and energy management .

Use objects and scenes

The program is suit for traditional hotel upgrade and house for short rental .


1.Cards worry: guest lost the room card , forget to take out the card, complicated and tedious check in process.
2.Energy waste: guest forgot to turn off electrical equipment, and business cards or other cards have been deliberately plugged in to take power.
3.Dusun smart hotel management could help you out of these troubles .

Meaning and value

Smart hotel program is helping as below : 
1.Password lock, intelligent check in, make the stay more comfortable and convenient
2.Automatically adapt to the state it was unmanned, adjust the operating status of the device, energy management
3.Customized Scene, thus enabling customers to better enjoy the fun of housing
Function description


Function introduction
Smart hotel program is work for "Easier check in management, upgrade management skills" development concept, the system includes a plurality of product, through reasonable control management platform, make out intelligent check in , energy-saving feature, the system comprising: 1. The lock management system; 2. intelligent control system.


Program features

1.Lock platform management: remote password is sent, payment platform links
2.Intelligent control and management: intelligent lights and the use of smart curtains can be customized to create a Scene
3.Energy management: real-time status monitoring was unmanned, remote control switch electrical equipment.
4.Nice out look: Intelligent Device beautiful appearance, suitable for modern aesthetics


system conclusion 

Smart hotel program combines lock platform management program and intelligent control and management two parts.
System advantage
Advantages smart hotel management background management platform solutions that solve real user pain points, so that more fit the actual demand.


Compare program  DUSUN  Competition Key point Result
Platform management
 Remote password sent Need to get room card in front desk Complicate check in process DUSUN Win
Customized scene Customized scene when make the booking  Set after enter into the room The door leading to the self-setting function usage ultralow DUSUN Win
Energy saving Smart detector, smart control
Electronic device switch
Plug in card to get the electricity Easy forget,energy lost DUSUN Win



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